Dies habe ich im Sommer 2000 in die literaturwissenschaftlich bzw. literatursoziologisch orientierte US-amerikanische Mailingliste hineingepostet, eine Mailingliste, in der die Werke des zeitgenössischen US-amerikanischen Autors Thomas Pynchon (wie z. B. "Gravity's Rainbow", "Vineland", "Mason & Dixon", "V", "The crying lot of No. 49" etc.) einer kritischen Würdigung unterzogen werden - übrigens durchaus kontrovers. Der untenstehende Text handelt davon, dass wir wieder in einer Zeit zu leben scheinen, wo das Gespräch über Bäume abermals zu einem Verbrechen werden kann.

Once upon a time there was a writer named Bertolt Brecht who said: "In special times it's a crime to speak about trees." At that time there wasn't an ecologist movement, we would say it not in other words, but the message is clear: in special times you are forced to speak about things that have priority. It may sound pathetic, but language is the only weapon we have.

Sorry, dear lit-crits, but now I'm talking about other things. The situation in Germany, Austria and other countries forces me to do so. The news I heard from the party convention of the Republican party point at the same direction. Two decades of social-darwinist and neoliberal propaganda led us in a situation where now forms of fascim have appeared. It began with the Pinocet-Friedman-connection in the midst of the seventies and the end of the keynesian era. So the new form of fascism is a "market fascism". The Nazi fascism (and Mussolini and Franco and...) was a kind of "right-wing keynesianism" but nowadays we have a complete different situation. The public sphere is getting smaller and smaller, everything is more and more commercialized, and if the development is going on you'll have to pay for breathing one day... and you cannot emigrate anywhere. There are no longer "islands of peace and innocence" - if that had ever existed. The new market fascism is a worldwide phenomenon, and it's everywhere the same - it doesn't matter any longer if you go to Nea Zealand, Argentina or South Africa. In the "centres of paralysis" (James Joyce) the "democratic" propaganda in the media remembers me sometimes at the real socialist propaganda - rising gross income product, a booming economy, everyone can get rich if he/she really wants - at the same time rising poverty, rising debts, and a public infrastructure that is getting worse and worse - the Potemkin villages of the real existing capitalism. It doesn't matter any longer if you have any political "legitimation" for your crimes. The runners amok and the young Nazis are symptoms for the same "social disease" and psycho-pathology. And a society who begins to make war against its own youth shows only that it has no future. They need no SS-uniforms or a new "Fuehrer". There may be a lot of local leaders or local terror activists, but the mob is only the "executive" part of a decadent society which is full of indifference, ego-maniacs and money-obsessed.
Again: this may be sound "pathetic" but when I'm looking at trees in the same moment I must think at "The rise and fall of Mahagonny"...
And isn't Vineland exactly about this subject? 1984, eh? What's about 2004???

"Who speaks about fascism cannot be silent about capitalism." (Max Horkheimer)


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