[...] CANNES (The Hollywood Reporter) --- After four years of research, the
complete findings of an independent commission that focuses on the links of
Bertelsmann, Germany's global media giant, to Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime
and the Third Reich will be unveiled in a book that is due out today in

While some of the company's ties to Hitler and the Third Reich have been
revealed previously, new revelations emerged Monday, including that
Bertelsmann used Jewish slave laborers in at least one of its printing
plants during World War II.

The findings of the Independent Historical Commission, headed by historian
Saul Friedlaender, will be published in the book "Bertelsmann in the Third
Reich," which also reveals that Bertelsmann published propaganda material
for Hitler's Nazi regime in the 1930s and '40s, Bertlesmann founder
Heinrich Mohn was a member of an SS sponsors organization, and the company
published numerous books sympathetic to the Nazi regime.

The book also decries as "a legend that can not be sustained" the
oft-repeated story by Bertelsmann in official reports on its corporate
history that Bertelsmann's closure by the German government in 1944 was
because of the company's opposition to Hitler. [...]

8. 10. 2002

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